A little about me


Hi everyone! I’m Molly, a happily married Mom of 2 boys, currently ages 11 and 8, living in Central Florida.  We love living between Disney and the beach, and being surrounded by nature here at our home.  My husband Tommy and I met in 2001 at a local billiards playing pool with our friends when I was a senior in high school.  We got engaged 8 months later!  (The pic above is from early 2002) We decided to get married on the 5 year anniversary of our engagement in 2006, the year after I graduated from the University of Central Florida.

DSCF0259.JPG – Version 2

I received a BA in Political Science from UCF with considerations of attending Law School, but once I completed my BA I was missing my love of Video Production (inherited from my Dad).  I went back to school and completed an AS Degree in Television and Digital Cinema at Seminole State College.  I then started Independently Producing and teaching Television Production courses at SSC.   I have a more in depth bio on my Unsinkable Productions Facebook page.


As happy as producing and teaching made me, Tommy and I knew we want kids. In 2010 Patrick was born. I took off a term and went back to teaching only one day a week. Then in 2013 Logan was born.  It was at this time I decided to stay home full time.  I love nothing more than spending any time I can with my boys and have loved being a stay at home Mom with them. (Picture below 2013)

Now Patrick is in the 6th grade and Logan is in the 3rd Grade, boy time flies! And I’m looking forward to the many new family adventures to come.

Being home with my boys and having a love for video (and tech) led me to start something else new, a YouTube channel — Molly Fitz Brown with #OurMagicalAdventures. I have always loved Video Production but never dabbled in vlogging. The channel is approaching 5,000 subscribers and I’m very excited to see where that leads as well! I have many fun plans in the works.

I have also been on Instagram and Twitter for a couple years and am really enjoying the Mom and Disney communities! And while I have really enjoyed these outlets, at the same time I have hopes of getting back into Independent Producing again in the near future! So here I am, new to blogging and ready to start this adventure. Here we go!

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